Safe'n'Sound - CD



Dive into soaring soundscapes that collide with funky onslaughts of pulsating super nova aural electricity! With high volume improvised space jams, melodic songwriting and trance inducing fuzz riffs, the tradition of the "psychedelic freak out" is alive!

Safe'nSound - Remix'n'Remaster is a more dynamically focused version of our second album that includes live bonus material we recorded on our travels. Huge warm riffs, stingy synths and bombastic drums await your ears. Released January 8, 2017 (original release Sept 1st 2016)

1. To Be Alive / Three Thirds A Space Baby - 07:29
2. Fall Is A Trip - 07:01
3. 39 Stories High - 05:37
4. The Sound - 05:46
5. Sound Proof (with Astronauto) - 08:46

Produced, written and engineered by Ruckzuck who are:
Faith Kelly / Vocals, Casio 403, Kazoo, Moog Sub 37
Nick Bedo / Guitars, Production
Matt Bedo / Drums, Sound Effects

Also featuring the guest appearance of Astronauto (John Velsor) on "Sound Proof".

Copyright Ruckzuck Music Collection 2017.